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OneDrive to the rescue


Crushing it working from home you suddenly realize you need to print, sign and scan a document.

You have a printer, but no scanner. How can this get done?

Did you know that OneDrive has a scanner built right into the app! Here is everything you need to know.

OneDrive to the rescue2021-06-10T17:34:34+00:00

Data Security


We generally all take care to make sure our homes are secure, yet some business owners (and sometimes managers) don’t carry the same attitude towards the company’s data security.

Which is just crazy, because criminals are way more interested in your company data vs your TV.

Watch to see the four main ways you can improve your company’s data security.

Data Security2021-05-12T19:36:50+00:00



The worst thing that can happen to your business is a ransomware attack.

This kind of attack is where hackers take control of your network and encrypt all your data (making it not usable). They then won’t undo the damage unless you pay the ransom fee, which is always a ridiculous sum.

The reason they can do so much damage is they were able to break into your system a long time before they launch the attack. There are some symptoms you can keep an eye out for indications you’ve been breached.

Here are three ways you can see if hackers have already infiltrated your system.


Phishing Types


We are pretty sure you have heard of phishing and if not, it’s when you receive an e-mail from a criminal pretending to be another entity trying to get you to divulge sensitive information.

Have you heard about whaling, smishing, or vishing? These are other forms of phishing with the same goals.

Watch to learn more about these three and make sure you and your team are aware.

Phishing Types2021-03-02T19:31:10+00:00



Getting a new PC is an exciting feeling and after booting it up the feeling is immediately diminished by the discovery of all the software you didn’t want or need!

All this software is referred too as bloatware, and it will slow down your computer. Our new video shows why it’s their and what you can do about it.


Microsoft Translator


Let us reveal an easier way to translate documents, that doesn’t rely on Google to do it!

Microsoft Translator has been embedded into their products, like Word, Excel, etc.

It surprisingly works very well, and this video will showcase it for you.

PS – We are Colorado Office 365 experts and if your existing IT support company has not shown you have to properly utilize the software you’re already paying for; we should seriously talk.

Microsoft Translator2020-12-15T18:48:33+00:00

Project Communication


Having to manage multiple projects with lots of different contributors can be a serious headache.

That is unless you are using one of the people’s favorite collaboration tools, that you are most likely already paying for.

Microsoft Teams is part of Office-365 and is used by 13+ million people.

As the Colorado local 365 experts we’ve put a new video together to show how your business can take advantage and benefit from Teams.

Project Communication2020-12-15T18:43:47+00:00

Microsoft Planner


There are some excellent collaborative and productivity tools that are built into Microsoft 365.

Inside Teams, there is a very useful planning project tool called Planner.

Watch the video to learn more.

Microsoft Planner2021-01-04T18:54:31+00:00

Password Managers


Easy password complexity is embarrassingly simple to crack.



With automated tools, hackers can figure these out in mere seconds 🙄

The other problem is that strong passwords, generated randomly, are way to challenging for the average person to remember.

This is where a password manager can come in.

Want to know their benefits and how they work? Watch to find out.

Password Managers2020-12-15T18:41:22+00:00

Private Devices


Being forced to work from home has most likely resulted in your staff having to use their own personal devices.

This is fine, so long as your security is not compromised in any way.

That’s a big ask in this situation, especially if your staff share their devices with other family members.

We will discuss here the seven golden rules for keeping your business’s data safe.

Private Devices2020-12-15T18:46:42+00:00
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